Hi there, I am Rachel Leib, a photographer, and artist based in Southern California.
Although I am originally from New York, I have fallen in love with the stunning West Coast! I am truly happy to be able to take daily walks along the beach and be inspired by some incredible places both local and beyond. 
I find my artistic inspiration in many subjects - including landscapes, nature, urban scenery, delicious food, events, …and life! I am always open to new ideas and experimenting with various media, including digital painting and other creative musings.
Each photograph is a unique piece of art as I shoot as I see and prefer not to crop my images. I love to stay true to my original vision and therefore I take care of every aspect of the creative process, from the moment I capture an image in my camera to the finished custom print I deliver, never compromising quality.
I'm looking forward to when my family and I can do some traveling again and document those adventures!

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