Hello, I'm Rachel Leib, a passionate photographer and artist, proudly calling Southern California my home. While my roots trace back to New York, I've been captivated by the breathtaking beauty of the West Coast. These days, you'll often find me strolling along the sun-kissed beaches, drawing inspiration from the boundless wonders that both my local surroundings and distant horizons have to offer.
My creative spirit knows no bounds, drawing inspiration from diverse subjects: the grandeur of landscapes, the delicate nuances of nature, the urban tapestry of cities, delectable cuisine, vibrant events, and the poetry of everyday life itself. I'm a perpetual explorer, constantly embracing fresh ideas and experimenting with a range of artistic mediums, including digital painting and other creative expressions.
For me, each photograph is uniquely crafted to preserve my original vision. I steadfastly adhere to the principle of authenticity, rarely cropping my images, so the image is a true representation of the world as I see it.
As I eagerly await the next journey with my family, I relish the opportunity to document our adventures and share those vivid stories through my lens. Join me in exploring the kaleidoscope of life's moments, one frame at a time.
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